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We went into NYC tonight to visit with Carol. I was kind of dreading… - original sin? no it should be "original sinsuality"

About We went into NYC tonight to visit with Carol. I was kind of dreading…

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We went into NYC tonight to visit with Carol. I was kind of dreading it because the city always feels so overwhelming, dirty/gross and bizarre to me. So, I decided that it would be worth going in if we bought some mock(vegetarian) steamed pork dumplings from a little vegetarian place in Chinatown. Well, it ended up being a great choice for the dumplings, they were soo good(and I bought extras... wee!), but a bad one for making an 8:00 showing of 'Brokeback Mountain' because of heavy traffic.

We got into our seats(I hate sitting off-center) moments before the film started. Oh, it was so good. It was such a great movie, really romantic, and very sad. I had a difficult time watching Ennis being unfaithful to his wife, but more intensely, I think, because of my grandmother and what she went through in her life; I was thinking about her through a fair chunk of the movie.
I think the actors, especially Heath Ledger, were just wonderful.

I love how the movie allows us to see these disturbing and uncomfortable aspects of the main characters(in how they hurt other people and each other), and feel disgusted and angry with the them for these things, but is also able to be, at the same time, such a tender, romantic movie. I love that those feelings we have while watching the movie don't have to cancel each other out. We don't have to feel sympathy for Ennis and Jack, and they don't have to be "made worthy" to us in any way, for them to be tender, vulnerable lovers, and worthy of their feelings or their ability to be in love, in our eyes.

Then we went to eat dinner at Zen Palate. yumm... And then it was back to Carol's, with starbucks coffee, to chat for awhile.
It was a good time, no bad NYC moments.

Well, bed time for me.
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Date:January 23rd, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)
I don't know how many miles away we are. It takes us about 45 minutes usually, depending on the traffic, to get there.
We love to go to TeaNY, a little vegan restaurant/tea place that Moby owns, but it's been closed for renovation recently. But other than for a few highlights like this, I don't much like going there. It's a crazy, twisty place that feels separated from the rest of the world.

It's worse in the summer when all the garbage that is EVERYWHERE, bakes in the heat. stinky.
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