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Previous Entry :( poopies Jan. 23rd, 2006 @ 04:11 pm Next Entry
Ugh. I spent the whole afternoon posting a resposnse to someone, in another journal, who was challenging the logic, the morality, and the fairness of me taking Tom's last name when we get married. Again... Ugh.
It was important to make some things clear, it's just that I felt, with this post and with the original comment I made, that I had to write preemptively, which bugs me, and feels lame. I don't like it when people ignore the context and go for the soundbite. But granted, I do it myself at times, so it's forgivable.
I also just don't like it when people assume that because I am in a certain position, that they don't agree with and, arguably, don't understand, that I must have adopted all of these negative prejudices and motivations which they attach to it. Saying that if it is meaningful that I take Tommy's name it must be meaningful that he take mine, ignoring my original point that it is meaningful to him, in a way it can't be to me, because he is a man, and that this, and not sharing names, is what I find meaningful. I can't make something mean to me what it doesn't.
and I dont need to.

I need to go do some other things for a while.

Okay, on a brighter note, my cat Peeve is incredibly orange and fluffy right now, and the sky is all grey-ish white. I am going to pull out some fluffy socks and have hot chocolate soon, too... maybe, maybe some peppermint tea.

oh, I forgot to mention that we saw King Kong a few days ago. It's a very good movie, I really loved it. It's not the best movie I have ever seen or anything, but I think it is one of my favorites. I cried, uncontrollably, during the ending, and couldn't really stop for about 15-20 min. after it ended. It was so hard to watch the end. :(

I know it's a bit silly, I was just very touched by it.

Anyway, gonna go do some things now.


edit/add: I should say that I felt the person who responded to my original post, while not completely fair or generous in her assumptions and conclusions, seemed nice and was making, I believe, an attempt to converse and not to argue.
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