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I haven't updated in a while. poop Well, Tommy and I are going to… - original sin? no it should be "original sinsuality"

About I haven't updated in a while. poop Well, Tommy and I are going to…

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I haven't updated in a while. poop

Well, Tommy and I are going to try and get out to Texas or California to visit Sean before he gets sent off to Germany.  He will be over there for about 2 years so I am a but bummed.  However, maybe he will be able to come back for a week or two sometime and visit.  Anyway, we are planning to visit him in June, I think.

I have been so busy lately and haven't been doing as much sewing as I would like, but I have been doing some design sketches and reading about sewing and pattern drafting.  I joined a yahoo pattern design group and have been reading past entries this afternoon; it's going to be a good place to ask questions.  I have learned some really neat things surfing around sewing and pattern drafting blogs and websites.  

Tommy and I had a weird thing happen to us about a week ago.  We were walking around a town called Westfield.  We had just had lunch and were walking over to a coffee place we like, and had to cross the street at a pretty big, and busy, intersection.  We waited for our turn to go, and when it came we started out, but this green suv-type car made a left turn, tearing through the intersection, coming right toward us.  We stopped short and Tom gave the guy a "what the hell"-raised arm kind of gesture, and the guy in the car did it right back to us, mockingly, so Tommy gave him the finger.  Well, so the guy, just barely past the crosswalk, stopped his car in the middle of the street, jumped out and came at us yelling: "First of all, I ought to f****** kick your ass... something or other...".  He kept on cursing and stuff while quick-walking up to us and then he shoved Tommy on the chest, sending him flying backward a couple feet.  I was terrified.  This guy was really scary and freaking crazy.  Tom just yelled: "You're going to jail", and told him to stop and that kind of thing.  After the shove, and what looked like an attempt to hit Tommy or shove him again, the guy got back into his car and drove away.  I was really upset because we hadn't had a chance to get a license plate number when Tommy told me that he knew who he was! 
Apparently, this guy is Peter's old boss, Glenn Alexander, and thought that Tommy was Peter (they are twins, btw).  I had never met him before, but I had heard a lot about him.  Supposedly, he can be a really easy going, nice sort of guy most of the time, but then he can snap and just go crazy.  He almost went to prison for life for knifing a guy when he was in college.  And he got into gunfights when he was young.  He has a really bad marriage and a pretty messed up(because her parent's are) daughter.  And he was, and still is I imagine, terrible with managing his company.   He promised Peter a higher position in the company and a high salary, so Peter put all his time and energy into his work there; he even took a break from college to have more time for the company.  And in the end, Peter was making like 40,000 a year doing everything, basically managing the company, while Glenn made 100,000 a year, or more, to show up for a few hours a day and make really bad decisions.  Peter left the company after like 4-5 years of hard work and his friendship with Glenn ended, too.  So, one might wonder why Glenn would hate Peter so much.  Tommy thinks that all the guilt Glenn feels for screwing Peter over is getting to him, and recently he has blamed Peter for taking advantage of the company and making really bad decisions when he worked for him, basically what Glenn has done.  And the so that also better explains why he blew up at Tommy and me in Westfield.

Well, so we went to the police station right after it happened.  After the incident, I couldn't stop crying for about half an hour.  Tommy filed a police report that day, and the next day he filed an official complaint, bringing four charges against Glenn.  We think that Glenn has already been delivered his paperwork, and was probably surprised that that he assaulted Tommy and not Peter.  If Glenn pleads guilty we don't have to worry about any else, but if he pleads not guilty we have to go to court, and probably get a lawyer.   It's all pretty depressing.
:(   Sorry I took so long to write about it.

We have been watching amazing documentaries.   We rented 'Guns, Germs and Steel' recently, and we bought 'Heaven on Earth', which is about communism.  I love 'Heaven on Earth'; if you can find it to rent, you should.   Coincidentally, we bought an audio-book version of Animal Farm, which is incredible, and between Heaven on Earth and Animal Farm I was pretty overwhelmed and feeling a mixture or sadness, paranoia and claustrophobia off and on for a couple days. 

Well, that's about all I can think of right now.

Oh, we rented 'Memoirs of a Geisha', and I wasn't expecting much since it got such lukewarm reviews, but it was quite good.  I really enjoyed it.  It's worth renting, especially if you do so from netflix or a library.  Gong Li, the woman who played the mother of the Okiya(I know I am mis-spelling this), and Ziyi Zhang were all very good; and, as one might expect, everyone and everything was incredibly beautiful.

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Date:April 17th, 2006 10:45 pm (UTC)
Tommy is okay. I wasn't sure if I was clear enough up there, but he didn't fall, he just jumped(?) back when he was pushed. He said it knocked the wind out of him, but he didn't have any lasting pain or bruises.

Yeah, one nasty bit of info I heard a long time ago was that the only way Glenn and his wife could share physical intimacy, because they hated each other so much, supposedly, was to have threesomes and foursomes.
And his wife sort of put a lot of pressure on him to make more and more money with this company, even though he was ruining it, because she comes from money and her family thought he as just a lazy, drug-addict musician type.
Their daughter was in therapy by the time she was like seven or eight years old.

I think that Glenn, thinking Tommy was Peter, didn't expect that anything would be done about it if he went after us.

Anyway, we are okay now. :)
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